Deus Ex Machina

deus ex Machina
Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company.

Deus is the result of a group of passionate and dedicated Australian motorcycle enthusiasts, united in their belief that modern motorcycling has been hijacked by marketing forces…

and their desire to introduce a new generation of rider to that same pure enthusiasm that kick-started their own love of motorcycling.

While focussing on the design and construction of custom motorcycles, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s which has recently been revived by groups of young enthusiasts in Japan, America and Australia.

Deus Cafe at the Deus Temple of Enthusiam

The company is based in a 1600sq meter renovated factory building in Camperdown Sydney,
the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Home to the showroom, workshop facilities and design studio.

While the sale of motorcycles and parts is at the core of the business – from Yamaha SR400s and TW220s to Kawasaki W650s as well as a selection of signifigant classic bikes, visitors to the Deus showroom will find hand built fixed gear track bicycles and a range of Deus brand clothing and luggage as well as a range of items which feature timeless design and reflect the Deus culture.

Classic bike accessories and books are on sale, while objects such as hi-fi systems, cars (the Deus company work horse is a replica D-type Jaguar), and prints and paintings by artists such as Robert Williams, Robert Moore and Japanese artist, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, are on display.

Connected to the showroom is the Deus Cafe, where locals of the inner west rub elbows at communal tables with riders gassing up on caffeine before their Saturday excursions.

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5 Responses to “Deus Ex Machina”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Guys ~

    I proudly framed and hung one of your signed limited edition screen prints on the wall above my bed and during the night it came smashing down, just missing the top of my head.

    What a duffus! I managed to crash a screen-print of one your ‘cycles!

    The clear message is ‘never take your helmet off’.

  2. […] Deus ex Macchina is a coffee shop I’ve been to a few times before, but not for a while. This morning we were casting round for somewhere different to sketch and I half remembered a motorbike inside the coffee shop, so we went to check it out. In fact there were three motorcycles in different places around the room. The cafe is attached to a motorcycle showroom and workshop, and it is also known for good coffee and good food. It’s a bit famous, and close to where I live. It is going to be a great winter venue for sketching/lunch, but today it was hot and we had a relaxing morning drinking coffee in the air con. […]

  3. Bill McPherson says:

    Had lunch yesterday with my son, a Chef, and we loved the Salmon fillets with Kipfler potatoes …… and green stuff :)
    We enjoyed walking through the store, everyone we met had a friendly professional attitude.
    Well done


  4. Mat says:

    It is a shame you delete negative posts rather than respond and address the issues.

    • deuscafe says:

      Hi Mat.
      It’s not that we delete negative comments. It was just never approved as this is the first time I’ve seen it. And what particular issue would you like us to address? Is it that we have the integrity to secure the space and prepare it for a very important occasion, planned many months beforehand, and not getting behind schedule for the sake of the future bride and groom. Could you imagine the e-mail I would have got from them if we had catered to you and fell behind the strict timeline? We are truly sorry you travelled an hour to come and see us, only to find us closed. That would be frustrating. However, we make no apologies for ensuring the happiness of a young couple on their big day. Our weddings commence at 6:30pm. If we close at 3pm, customers don’t leave until around 4pm or later. That leaves us 2.5 hours to prepare the room, cutlery, crockery, wine glasses, set up the bar, tables, toilets, menus, flowers, decorations, sweeping, mopping, set up the AV, brief the floor staff, move furniture, clean the glass doors/windows, etc. Most of these tasks cannot be done until we stop serving. So I’m afraid, no Mat, we could not even offer you a coffee once we had closed for a wedding. I’m happy to post your complaint if you are ok for me to post my reply.

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